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  • Brit Hotel Relais du Ried - Colmar
    Brit Hotel Relais du Ried - Colmar


in Colmar

Take advantage of your stay at the Brit Hotel Le Relais du Ried to discover all the tourist treasures of Colmar and its region.

What to visit in Colmar ?

A thousand years of history are gazing at you! Colmar is a town with a rich past and its historic centre is the figurehead. Discover it during a wander, and enjoy the charms of the Maison des Têtes (with 111 heads decorating its façade) or the Maison Pfister (a pretty Renaissance bourgeois dwelling in a medieval style).

Colmar’s religious heritage is also worth discovering, with for example the Dominican Church and the Saint-Martin Collegiate Church which are both beautiful examples of Gothic art. Wander around the streets and admire the beautiful colours... Then head to the Quai de la Poissonnerie district and enjoy the charm of this former fishing and fish market spot.

Colmar is also a museum town. The famous Unterlinden Museum houses an impressive collection of sculptures dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (notably the world-renowned ‘Isenheim Altarpiece’ by Matthias Grünewald).
The Bartholdi Museum, situated in the former house of the sculptor, holds a lovely collection of sculptures, drawings, sketches, paintings...

Activities in Colmar

It is impossible to talk of Colmar without mentioning its Christmas market! Like many towns in the East of France, Colmar dons its finest colours at the end of the year.
Throughout December, the magic of Christmas invades the town and its different squares. Enjoy this distinctive atmosphere and inhale the delicious odours of orange and cinnamon which flavour the town.

For a moment of fun as a family or among friends, head to the Parc du Petit Prince! This 24-hectare aerial theme park holds 32 attractions and activities all linked to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s hero: Aerobar, tethered balloons, 3D and 4D cinemas, a little tourist train...

Eager for a breath of fresh air?

The Ballons de Vosges Nature Park welcomes you for a revitalising hike. This park which stretches over 3000 km² is one of the largest in France. Journey on the marked paths on the lookout for the exceptional fauna and flora.

Colmar can also be discovered by boat. Head off on a boat trip and enjoy a guided visit of the ‘Petite Venise’ district and Quai de la Poissonnerie.

More information:

Inhabitants of Colmar are sometimes nicknamed ‘Kolbnarren’, which literally means ‘crazy about hammers’. This nickname is due to the legend that Hercules, during a stop in Colmar, lost his hammer after a boozy evening. Which would explain, according to certain people, the presence of a hammer on the town’s coat of arms.